Liberty Hangout Organizes Second Open Carry Rally

Coming September 29th, Kaitlin Bennett and Liberty Hangout plan to host their second open carry march. They plan on hosting several speakers such as Joey Gibson, Eric Pratt, and Ryan Fournier.

“Gun owners and 2nd amendment supporters unwilling to compromise on our rights are invited to stand with us on the Risman Plaza on the 29th,” Liberty Hangout advertises. “Those who disagree are invited to come tell us why.”

The purpose of the demonstration is to protest Kent State University’s policy that students are not allowed to bring any kind of firearm on campus. This policy exists despite the fact that Kent State is a public university, meaning that non-students and guests are permitted to carry weapons as per state law.

Millie Weaver from InfoWars plans to attend the event to interview students.

The first open carry march was hosted by Kaitlin Bennett and Jeffry Smith. The event drew in a large crowd of people, both for and against gun control. Many pro-gun control students arrived to peacefully take part in civil discussion at the event.

Students and guests who are interested in this event can find more information from Liberty Hangout at their Facebook page.

Students will not be able to open carry at the event, but guests and visitors will.

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