Kent State Professor Charged With Lying to FBI

On April 23, 2018, Julio Pino, a history professor at Kent State University, was charged with lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Pino has been charged with lying about communicating with a person known as “J.E.” The charges state, “When in truth and fact, as Defendant [Pino] then well knew, those statements to the FBI Special Agent were false, all in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001.”

A public investigation was made in 2016 to see if Pino had any radical views or ties to organizations. Pino denied all allegations of his radical anti-semitic views.

University president, Beverly Warren, released a statement shortly after, stating, “The university is cooperating fully with the FBI in its ongoing investigation.” Warren also emphasized that the university found Pino’s comments, “reprehensible and counter to our core values of civil discourse and respect.”

Pino has had a history of making controversial comments during his time at the university. According to, Pino wrote a column in 2003 in the Kent Stater that explored the motives of a Palestinian suicide bomber.

In 2011, Pino shouted, “Death to Israel,” at Ishmael Khaldi, an Israeli diplomat. Kent State University’s president at the time, Lester Lefton, stated that what Pino did was “reprehensible, and an embarrassment to our university.”

Lefton furthered his statement, adding, “We value critical thinking at this university, and encourage students to engage with ideas that they find difficult or make them uncomfortable . . . Calling for the destruction of the state from which our guest comes is a grotesque failure to model these values.”

Daniel Braun, a junior engineering technology major and treasurer of Hillel, told the Kent Conservative, “I will say they should take all of the anti-remarks seriously for sake of the students. Kent State University is a safe school and we trust the staff to maintain it that way for us all.”

Eric Mansfield, the Executive Director of University Media Relations for the university, told the Kent Conservative, “Kent State University Professor Julio Pino has been suspended after charges were filed today in federal court.”

Mansfield added, “The university has also prohibited him from coming onto any Kent State campus. The university continues to cooperate with the Department of Justice on this matter, and all inquiries about this case should be directed to that office.”

The Kent Conservative has reached out to other administrators, and students, and will update this article as more information is made available.

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