Kent State Students for Life Host Abby Johnson

EDIT: Clarified quotes and information about the event and its sponsors.

The Kent State Students for Life held a former Planned Parenthood director, turned pro-life activist, Abby Johnson on Friday, April 13 in the Kiva. Their goal was to open up discussion about abortion and provide information about the topic. The event was to benefit Coleman Pregnancy Centers through material donations.

Abby Johnson is a renowned pro-life activist who had once worked for Planned Parenthood. Ms. Johnson was pro-life until she was swayed by a volunteer from Planned Parenthood. She then started working at a clinic in Texas and moved her way up to director.

She was ultimately turned off to the company when they doubled their abortion quota. Abby had also criticized the services provided by Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood does not offer prenatal care, they do not get kickbacks from adoptions, they make money from abortions,” Abby said.

Abby discussed how abortions were performed inside Planned Parenthood clinics. These abortions were done by blindly sucking the baby out with a cannula, reassembling the baby on a platter, and freezing the remnants until they were disposed of.  

Abby also commented on the use of unlicensed actors to perform certain jobs.

“I am a therapist, but at planned parenthood, I was doing ultrasounds, pushing anesthesia,” she commented. “Due to planned parenthoods protocol, I could do all of this even without proper training.”

Abby decided to change her life when she had witnessed an abortion first hand.

“I had seen two things that were true: there was humanity in the womb and that means that we were taking a life,” she said.

Abby left Planned Parenthood for a to start a non-profit organization named “And Then There Were None” to help abortion workers leave the industry. Planned Parenthood sued her shortly after, attempting to enact a gag order to keep her from talking about things she had seen within the clinics. Planned Parenthood lost the lawsuit.

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