Pro-Life Organization Hosts ‘Unplanned Week’ at Kent

On April 11th 2017, The Kent State Students For Life hosted a ‘Change My Mind’ table at the Kent Student Center and on The K, with the purpose of creating a dialogue regarding one of the student body’s, and country’s, most divisive issues – abortion.

The event was the third event of the group’s ‘Unplanned Week,’ which culminated Friday with an event with former Planned Parenthood Director turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson.

The Kent State Students for Life group was founded in August 2017 with the purpose of creating a culture of life and positivity on campus, as put by co-founder Klara McKee.

“We want to bring a different face to the pro-life movement,” McKee said. “We want to show that we really care about people.”

Since the group’s inception, they have done outreach with The Coleman Pregnancy Center and through their Unplanned Week, have donated baby wipes, diapers and a digital monitor to the center, as well as $50 in donations. The Center provides such services as parenting classes and prenatal support, as well as pregnancy tests and adoption information.

The Students for Life care about creating a dialogue on campus. Member Ryan Stab said, “To be an intellectually honest person,you have to be able to have your mind open to talking to people, and hopefully their minds are open too. You can both learn from each other, that’s the most important thing about what we’re trying to do here today.”

While member Leandra Westbrook said she didn’t think they changed the views of passing students, her and the other attending Students For Life members did find common ground with some pro-choice students on campus. She expressed support for reform of the foster care system, increasing accessibility for adoption and comprehensive sex education – common discussions from liberal and conservative students alike.


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